“I have seen horrific things... and yet it has shown me everything.”

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a first-time author seeking representation for my self-help book “The Meaning of Life: An Owner’s Manual (MOL). My only connection to the publishing world is a wayward cousin who is a Managing Editor at St. Martin’s Press… and we don’t speak.

The genesis of the book came from my fourteen-year career as a funeral home owner and how that influenced the parenting of my sons, while also being a son to my aging parents. I am what I coin a “Circle of Lifer” – a mid-life parent with parents in their twilight, questioning where life is headed for all of us.

That is why my career has been a blessing. In seeing death on a daily basis, I now have a clearer understanding of the human condition and our role in the universe. I have articulated twenty, relatable lessons to show the world what is truly important in life and how uncomplicated it is to attain. Through various humorous anecdotes and shared life experiences, I explain what most will only come to realize on their deathbed.

Through my book, and its website, I am creating a brand which will grow into a “MOL” series of books (ala “Chicken Soup For The Soul”), speaking engagements, and a SiriusXM radio show entitled, “Life 101.”

My book has similar themes to “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… “ “The Last Lecture,” and “Tuesdays with Morrie,” but with the irreverence of a David Sedaris essay and the motivation of Tony Robbins’ “Awaken the Giant Within.” It is a funny, touching, poignant book written by someone who has lived death, but is “all in” on life.

I have a Juris Doctorate and a Master’s in Environmental Law and I have been a licensed New York State attorney for over twenty-four years. I wrote, directed, and produced a feature length race relations drama entitled “Black is White” which was chosen as one of twelve international films invited to the Rome Film Festival. After that, I moved to Hollywood where I became a screenwriter for eleven years, repped by The Gotham Group and Preferred Artists Agency. More recently, I wrote a series of blogs for “The Huffington Post” and was a regular blogger on “Medium.”

Lastly, while obtaining various loans for my funeral businesses, I invented a fintech loan platform with a friend that has now done over eight and a half billion dollars of loans in just three years. (www.magillaloans.com). We are currently in negotiations for a corporate buyout.  

I have written an important book from a place of knowledge and love.

I hope you will consider representing me.

Thank you.


Chris Meyer